Firearms (Pistol) Training

Learn the Street Proven Firearms Skills You Need to Safely Protect Yourself and Others


More Americans are purchasing firearms (in unprecedented numbers) and want to learn to protect themselves and others. Consequently, with concerns for the safe handling of firearms and the safety of children in particular, this course is designed for those:


  • who are thinking of purchasing a firearm for the first time.
  • with a CWP but haven’t fired their weapon in years
  • who wish to sharpen their skills
  • who wish to be updated with current laws regarding self-defense.
  • who are looking for tools, resources, contacts and events to improve one’s safety.


This class begins Sunday, April 3, 2016 at 2:30 pm.


Follow-up classes and off site, hands-on events may be available based on need. The first class is question and answer only and based on those questions may determine some class direction.

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