At New Image Church, we live stream our services each Sunday and we archive each video so that they may be viewed anytime on demand. Over the past months, Our pastors have presented several series of sermons that shines the Word of God into many facets of Christian life.


Watch these video series to find out more about what you can expect from God, and what he expects from you!

Prison Break


In this five-part series, Pastor Mark Livingston Sr. uses the Word of God, music and dance to demonstrate how some of the chains that bind us are only in our head and the hardest prison to escape can be our own minds.



Seasons in Our Father's Vineyard


In this four-part series, Pastor Paul Thompson explains why we must go through all of the seasons before we can celebrate the harvest, how God moves in each stage, and why each season is necessary for us to produce the best fruit.





In this sermon series, we address issues of confusion. We specifically address where confusion comes from. How to eliminate self-inflicted confusion. How to deal with spiritual battles of confusion and many others. These messages apply to relationships and all aspects of the human life.



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